Jaroslav Kucera

Jaroslav Kucera Property Consultant

  • Office:1300 810 944

Jaroslav (Jaro) Kucera is the property manager for the Brisbane area and also works on business development attracting new properties.

Jaro has 15 years of professional experience in a variety of roles, all of which contribute to his capacities as a professional property manager.

In particular Jaro has held senior account management positions where high level communication and negotiation between customers and suppliers has been of paramount importance.

This experience, coupled with his formal qualifications in real estate, has given him a solid grounding when it comes to successful property management.

Property management is vastly dependant on good communication between all interested parties, according to Jaro.

“I believe a good property manager should be managing issues before they arise,” says Jaro.

“This means being diligent with inspections and in communication with tenants during those inspections.

“Good communication between all parties can help to identify and address many issues before they become a headache for owners and tenants alike,” says Jaro.

For Jaro, a good tenant is like a client and should be treated with respect. This helps landlords in the long-run by retaining quality tenants and avoiding ‘tenant churn’ and associated costs.

“When we have good tenants, I like to make sure they are treated with respect and have a say on how the property is being managed, as far as is reasonable,”.

“Good tenants are therefore prepared to stay longer in our tenancies, which is a bonus for owners helping to avoid ‘tenant churn’ and its associated costs and loss on rental income in the long run,” he says.