Melina Courage

Melina Courage Property Consultant - Permanent Rentals

  • Office:1300 810 944

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Melina Courage has joined Aspire Property Management bringing with her five years of local experience from working in various real estate offices on the Sunshine Coast.

“I am really proud to work here because it is so positively different from other agencies I have worked for,” she says.

According to Melina, it comes down to the culture of treating owners, tenants and tradespeople with respect.

“If you go to a restaurant you can tell what the owner is like by the attitude of the staff – it all filters down,” she says.

“When your boss is interested in what you’re doing, you care for the business and where they want to take it.”

“You become part of it and if you have a company that cares, it becomes a partnership,” says Melina.

For Melina, satisfaction in a day’s work is all important.

“I’m really enjoying the work, enjoying being on top of things and finding positive outcomes to problems”, she says.

“Providing realistic expectations is important in the day-to-day of the job. This keeps the task real and helps everyone focus on the issue, which can lead to positive solutions for all concerned.”

Melina sees her role often as a mediator between tenants and owners and this involves being honest about situations and how they can be resolved.

“Ultimately, being open and honest and communicating continually are the keys to success in this industry”, says Melina.