Investment Property Management

What do you expect from a property manager?

At Aspire Property Management, we are not your average real estate agent that dabbles in property management as an aside. We know what property investors expect, because we are property investors.

Our parent company, Laguna Investment Trust, holds a broad portfolio of commercial and residential investment properties in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Aspire Property Management grew out of our dissatisfaction with the property management services we were receiving from real estate agents.

Property Management Services

Like you, we are property investors, we know the kind of services investors need and expect. We will manage your property as if it were our own, because we know what needs to be done.


We proactively manage tenants. We don’t wait for something to go wrong to then address the issue.


If someone is late in paying your rent, our software tells us and immediately a process starts to protect your interests.


If your property has been mistreated or needs repair, our regular inspections will pick that up so it can be dealt with.


Our property marketing and tenant selection process is thorough and rigorous, so only quality tenants are allowed in your property.


When we have quality tenants, we treat them as valued clients on your behalf, helping to save you money in the long run.


Because we are investors ourselves, we can expertly value your rental potential and provide you with expert advice.

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your agent – you can let us know at head office and we will sort it out (try doing that with your average real estate agent).

What you can expect from Aspire Property Management

  • We are small family-oriented business that provides genuine personalised service, value for money and care and attention to our customers’ needs
  • We are not part of a large corporate group or franchise – we offer tailored service
  • Complete management of your property to comply with all of the legislative requirements
  • Strategic marketing of your property across a range of outlets including the leading websites from around Australia
  • State-of-the-art rent management software that ensure the continuity of your income
  • Long term commitment to support you with your property aspirations, with ongoing advice and guidance to maximise rental returns on your property
  • Expertise in property rental appraisal and optimum returns to protect and maximise your income
  • Free (and obligation free) appraisals for property owners