Aspire property management - outside a modern and luxury property

Luxury Holiday Homes and Apartments – the S factor.

It seems just about every accommodation website in Noosa these days is sprouting a ‘luxury holiday experience’. But what does it really mean to have a Noosa luxury holiday experience?

Certainly, staying in a Noosa luxury home or apartment that meets certain criteria and standards is a start.

For example, a Noosa luxury holiday home or apartment, you might expect, would be architecturally designed, be superbly furnished and appointed, be fully equipped with all mod-cons and have spacious external living areas and other luxury facilities.

It might also be assumed, that a Noosa Luxury accommodation experience might be in a superb location.

While all of these aspects of a Noosa luxury accommodation experience are important and valid, there is a missing x-factor in all of this, or should we say s-factor.

Truly, service can make all the difference. It doesn’t matter how luxuriously appointed a Noosa Luxury home or apartment is, without a superior service and a customer focused attitude and attention to detail, a holiday experience can be mediocre.

Noosa Luxury Holidays homes and apartments offer beautiful designed and appointed living spaces and superb locations.

It’s true, we are proud of these things and we know they are quite unique and go a long way making our Noosa holiday accommodation earn the ‘luxurious’ tag.

But for us, that’s not enough. We are focused on service and providing something beyond the norm in terms of a superior customer service experience.

Although we only have a relatively small number of Noosa’s luxury homes and apartments, small is beautiful and we like it that way, as it lets us provide for quality over quantity.

For instance, unlike many property managers that have one staff member, on average, per 80 properties, we have one staff member per 30 properties. This gives us the opportunity to provide more service to our guests. For example, our private concierge service involves a staff member meeting guests at their property with their keys on arrival and departure. Our Noosa Luxury Holidays guests do not need therefore to come to our office to get their keys.

It doesn’t stop there. Unlike so many other accommodation operators that employ house-cleaning staff as contractors, paid a fixed rate per room clean, we employ our housekeepers as permanent staff on salary. Our staff get paid therefore not per clean, but by the hour to get the job done properly. We know from experience that this results in a far better clean and a better standard of care and presentation for our guests to enjoy.

All these things add up to make our Noosa luxury holiday homes and apartments stand aside from other Noosa holiday options as a luxury experience, not just luxury accommodation.