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Experience exceptional property management that is tailored to your requirements. We have expertise in property rental appraisals and tenant screening to give you optimum returns to protect and maximise your income.

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Your Property Management Specialists

Are you looking for a superior property management service for rental properties? Aspire Property Management is here to help your achieve your aspirations of wealth creation and security through your property portfolio.


Aspire is only involved in managing properties, not selling properties. Our focus is exclusively on improving our services and the value we provide to our clients.


We work in close consultation with our owners to ensure their property management is attended to proactively and their needs and requests are carefully addressed.

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What you can expect

Maximise Your Income

We specialise in property rental appraisals and achieve optimum returns to protect your investment and maximise your income.

Tenant Communication

We ensure quality tenants are screened against the most rigid selection criteria, and manage all tenant communications.

Rent Collection Systems

We manage stringent rent collection systems that ensure the continuity of your income.

Trustworthy Management

Leave the day-to-day management to us and we’ll openly communicate with you and provide guidance for your investment.


We provide property management that complies with all legislative requirements to ensure your risks are managed.


We have a long term commitment to support you with your property aspirations and are here to guide you every step of the way.

Why Choose Aspire?

We Are Property Investors

Aspire formed because we are property investors ourselves and were not satisfied with the level of property management services we were receiving from other agents.


We created Aspire to not only manage our own properties, but also other properties in a way that we would expect as property managers.

We Value Integrity

Aspire Property Management is different, as we absolutely refuse to lie to owners and only provide honest appraisals based on our expert market evaluations.


We believe it is more important to maintain our integrity than to participate in dishonest practices by overinflating appraisals.

We're Professionally Qualified

Management has completed training to become licensed under the Property Management and Motor Dealers Act 2000.


This enables us to legally offer our services to owners to manage their property and to facilitate a trust account on behalf of investors.

What our owners say

As always you have been great to deal with all year, you provide exceptional service and any landlord would be lucky to have the Aspire team managing there investment. “

Kevin – Rental Property Owner

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Maximising your Investment

Preparing your property for tenants

The following features are highly sought after by most tenants and can help to increase demand and return for your rental properties.


  • Security (e.g. security screens, remote garage access, deadlocks)
  • Plenty of storage space, both inside and outside
  • Well-presented interiors, including paint and flooring
  • Air-conditioning
  • Dishwasher
  • Covered outdoor area
  • Low-maintenance yard


We can provide advice on cost-effective ways to incorporate these features into your property.


To attract good tenants, we recommend using quality, hard-wearing materials throughout the property. This includes flooring, window coverings and appliances.

Our marketing approach

Aspire has considerable expertise in marketing properties to quality tenants. Your property will be marketed through a variety of channels including, websites such as, street signage and promotion to our own database. We can arrange professional photography upon request.

We will personally meet prospective tenants at your property by appointment, and we will contact you after every viewing with recommendations.


We screen prospective tenants against the most rigid selection criteria to minimise the chances of risk to your investment.


Details on the applicant’s application form are checked and verified, and we search the applicant’s rental history using a nationwide database of defaulting tenants. The information is then submitted to you for approval.


At the end of a tenancy we will negotiate a renewal on your behalf and review the rent.

Charging tenants for water use

You can pass on full water consumption charges to tenants if:

  • the rental premises are individually metered, and
  • the rental premises are water-efficient, and
  • the tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption.

We can help you manage this on-charge if you arrange for the rental properties' water rates bills to be sent to us, or if you forward copies of your water rates bill to us.

Further information about the rules around water consumption charges is available on the RTA website.

Tax depreciation

Many investors benefit from arranging a tax depreciation schedule for their rental properties. We can refer you to companies that specialise in this area.

Managing and Protecting your Investment

Our proactive management approach

We will treat your property as if it is our own, taking care of all aspects of managing a tenancy.

We will:



Give you a realistic market rental appraisal, allowing you to start realising investment income sooner, with shorter vacancy times.



Advise you on how to comply with all of the legislative requirements to ensure your risks are managed.



Strategically market your property across a range of outlets including the leading websites from around Australia to attract high-quality tenants and ensure any vacancy periods are kept to a minimum.



Manage all enquiries, property viewings and applications from prospective tenants.



Screen prospective tenants against rigid criteria, including checking the applicant’s rental history using a nationwide database of defaulting tenants.



Manage and monitor bond lodgement and rent payments using state-of-the-art software that will inform us immediately of any rent arrears.



Handle the payment of other bills such as council rates, body corporate fees, insurance, pest control and water charges if you wish.



Conduct inspections every three months and provide you with a report on the outcomes.



Be the point of contact for your tenants, who call us about a range of queries. We will then field these calls, advise the tenants of their responsibilities and options, and inform you of the request or question where applicable.

Landlord insurance

Despite our proactive management approach, issues may arise from time to time.


We highly recommend taking out landlord insurance for peace-of-mind and to ensure those unforeseeable issues don’t spiral out of hand.


In most cases landlord insurance is tax deductible. It generally covers the building and fittings and situations that may result in loss of rent, rent default, and accidental or malicious damage by tenants.


Policies vary from firm to firm and it pays to compare features and prices. Using an insurance broker or comparing policies online through a research agency such as CANSTAR may help.


Aspire agents are always happy to discuss and advise on your insurance needs. If a claim is needed we can manage all aspects required to protect your interests.

Safety insurance

Landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure the property they are letting is safe. This includes complying with obligations concerning smoke alarms, safety switches and internal window coverings. Pools and spas must also be fenced according to strict safety standards and a pool safety certificate must be issued by a licensed pool safety inspector.


Further information about these requirements is available at Residential Tenancies Authority.


  • Smoke alarms
  • Safety switches
  • Window coverings
  • Pools
Repairs and maintenance

Owners of rental properties are responsible for ensuring it is safe and fit to live in.


The tenant is responsible for looking after the property and keeping it clean and free from damage.


Generally, when determining who is responsible for paying for repairs, it depends on how the damage was done.


For example, if a tenant or their guest throws something and breaks a window, they are responsible for the repair. But, if a window falls out of a frame and breaks due to a structural issue, the owner would be responsible for the repair.


Should your property require any repairs, we will always consult with you before making arrangements for repairs. For serious emergency repairs that require immediate attention (if we cannot reach you beforehand), you can rest assured that we will manage the situation and keep you updated as soon as possible. 


Further information about specific issues that might arise such as mould, damage to drains and gutters, and lawn and garden maintenance is on RTA.


We recommend regular maintenance to keep your property in top condition. Our regular inspection reports will note any items that need attention. It is often easier and less expensive to deal with minor issues, before they turn into major repairs.

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