Property Bible Application

Web-based property management data solution.


Aspire Property Owners

We understand that owners have very clear expectations around the presentation, cleanliness and management of your property.


Therefore, the Property Bible is part of our ongoing commitment and services to them at no added expenditure.



Property Management Brands

Do you work in Property Management? Revolutionise your brand with the Property Bible.


This application ensures that every property’s requirements are kept in a central location accessible to all key stakeholders, and allows you to offer a premium, more efficient service.

Why Use The Property Bible?

Better Property Management Operations

Unlike traditional property management tools, Property Bible has been developed to provide in-situ access to teams working in properties when they need access to critical property information the most.

Improved Guest Experiences

Quality service standards are fundamental to loyalty, repeat bookings and referrals. Property Bible improves guest experience by making management and maintenance services easier and more accountable every step of the way.

Better Owner Relations

Every owner has different expectations regarding how they want their properties managed. Property Bible is a tool designed specifically to help managers ensure those expectations are communicated, understood and catered for.

Proactive Maintenance

Like housekeeping, staying on top of a property portfolio’s proactive and reactive maintenance can be challenging. Property Bible helps by allowing maintenance issues to be logged as they arise and a support ticket to advise management created.

Professional Housekeeping

Property Bible encourages a more effective, efficient and profitable housekeeping services culture. Tight management of professional housekeeping services is a priority, and a constant challenge for most property managers.

Inventory Management

Life happens… guests break or lose materials, owners have diverse requirements, and equipment fails. Having accurate information about the items in a property and their warranty status or replacement value is an invaluable service to offer owners.