Maintaining the property

It is a tenant’s responsibility to maintain a property in good condition. If anything is broken or faulty, please report that to your property manager. A property manager can authorise certain repairs, however in most instances, repairs do need to be approved by the owner.

In terms of general maintenance however, like cleaning and keeping the yards mowed and neat and tidy, it is the tenants’ responsibility.

Maintaining a clean and tidy property both internally and externally will help tenants to pass through the quarterly inspection process with minimal fuss or issues. A good property manager will not be picky during inspections, but please remember it is their responsibility to help owners to keep their properties well maintained.

Small things like cleaning ceiling fans are important, because if they are not kept clean, they will go rusty and need to be replaced sooner, rather than later.

If a property is well maintained, it works well for tenants wanting a clean and tidy place to live, and for property managers and owners, keen to look after a valuable asset.