Preparing Your Noosa Property for Summer: Storm & Fire Safety

As summer approaches, the picturesque town of Noosa faces an increased risk of storms and fires. At Aspire Property Management, we understand the importance of being prepared for these seasonal challenges and want to share some helpful pointers to ensure your property is safeguarded.


El Niño Conditions Return

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) recently confirmed the reemergence of El Niño, marking its presence over the Pacific for the first time in eight years. With this, Australia, particularly the eastern states, is officially entering a phase of hot, dry conditions. Experts predict drought conditions, anticipating heightened heat and increased severity of rainfall deficiencies.


Preparing for Storm and Fire Season

Summer in Noosa signals the onset of our traditional storm season, making now the ideal time to get ready. Follow these essential steps to protect your property:

  • Maintain Your Yard and Balcony: Secure or store items susceptible to strong winds.
  • Clean Drains: Prevent blockages and minimize the risk of flooding by cleaning drains around your property
  • Yard Maintenance: Remove dry or dead vegetation that could pose a fire hazard.
  • Respect Smoke Alarms: Do not interfere with smoke alarms; they are there to protect you.


Request Maintenance If:

  • Trees or branches could potentially fall on your home or property.

  • Gutters, roof valleys, and downpipes need cleaning.

  • There is any evidence of roof damage, including broken or missing tiles.


What to Do in an Emergency

In the unfortunate event of a storm or fire-related emergency:

  • Call 000: For police, ambulance, or fire brigade assistance in life-threatening situations.
  • Call 132 500: For SES assistance with storm damage, rising floodwaters, fallen trees, or damage to your roof.
  • Call Council (07) 5329 6500: To report problems with Council services or infrastructure, such as roads covered by water or fallen trees/debris.
  • Call Unity Water (1300 Unity): To report water or sewerage service outages and damage to infrastructure.


For more detailed information on emergency procedures, please refer to the Noosa Council website.


Your trusted Noosa Property Management 

As Noosa Property Managers, we have prepared some helpful pointers in relation to how you can assist to make sure your property is prepared. Please contact us if you have any questions!