David Langdon

Aspire Property Management in Noosa was initiated by Dave Langdon and his wife Kaz along with a small team of investors and committed staff.

Aspire is part of a broader Noosa property management group that has management rights for a number of popular resorts in Noosa. The group also owns and operates a number of property investments in and around Noosa.

“When we started to invest in a property portfolio ourselves, we had very high expectations of what we wanted in a property manager,” says Dave.

“It became a logical step for us to move into property management.

“These days Aspire looks after our own properties and assets owned by other investors,” he says.

Dave and the team have a lot of experienced in Noosa property management, having been operating for more than a decade.

“We’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way and it’s hugely rewarding to be able to pass the benefits of that onto other investors.”

“We are purposely trying to be an a-typical property management company in Noosa and so far, so good,” says Dave