Debbie Cassar

If you were looking for an agent with more dedication and loyalty than Debbie Cassar, you’d be hard pushed.

Debbie’s entire career has been in the real estate industry for over the past three decades. In that time, she has worked for only 3 agencies.

In the early days the real estate industry wasn’t segmented like it is now, says Debbie.

“You did everything from sales and administration through to property management,” she says.

For Debbie, that was a great way to learn every aspect of the industry and gain knowledge that helps clients on a daily basis.

Debbie sees her role as a facilitator of relationships between tenants and agents through good communication.

“Property management is a partnership between the owner and the tenant and a good agent needs to have a great relationship with both parties,” says Debbie.

“I love the owners being happy with the service we provide and having a happy tenant is equally as important,”
says Debbie