Why Aspire is different

The background to Aspire and why Aspire is different all stems from our specialisation in property management and the fact that we are ourselves, investors.


Noosa property management specialists


While other agents focus on selling properties, we concentrate only on property management in order to provide our customers with the best services possible.


As a result, we have been leading the way in property management standards in greater Noosa for the past 5 years.


Aspire was started in 2014 by experienced Noosa resort managers Kaz and Dave Langdon and a small team of partners.


We are property investors


The main reason the company started was because the owners were investors in local residential properties and we couldn’t find any satisfactory management services.


So we started managing our own properties and gradually, began helping other owners. It just takes an investor to know what to expect in a good service.


We chose the name Aspire because we want to help owners achieve their property aspirations. Also because we aspire to be the best we can, through a specialisation in our services.


It just makes all the difference when your property manager is an experienced investor.


We just know how important it is, and what to expect when it comes to an honest Noosa property management service that includes:


  • Value for money where we genuinely earn our commissions
  • Genuine appraisals that are not over-inflated just to win your business – because we know that important decisions depend on our honesty
  • A dedication to a better quality of services – whether it be housekeeping services for holidays or regular inspections for residential and commercials


Aspire was quick to grow


Things just snowballed from there with owners wanting a better service, better communication and a sense that someone really has their back.


Currently Aspire manages over 350 properties, supporting holiday, residential and commercial property investors to achieve their goals.


Continually improving  


One of the things that makes us stand out is that we are specialist property managers. Our core business is looking after properties, not sales.


This is a real benefit to our owners because our whole focus is on continually improving our services.

Everything we do involves continually self-reflecting and asking ourselves, how can we improve and provide a better service to our clients.


We are prepared to constantly change and adapt to our individual owners’ needs and to invest in new systems, procedures, personnel and technology if we think it will make us better at our jobs.

Getting better returns


Aspire’ specialization also helps us focus on getting better returns for our residential and commercial owners and for our holiday owners.


Long-term and strategic partnerships


Ultimately, yes we provide a better service because we specialize only in property management, whereas other agents are really, let’s be honest, focused on their sales.


But does that make us different and better?


Yes it does because our sole purpose is clear and that is to help our owners achieve their property aspirations through a superior and personalised service.

That’s the discernable, Aspire difference.