Noosa community - Aspire carbon neutral office

Making a difference to the Noosa community through sustainability

Do you worry about your family’s and the planet’s future due to climate change?

Therefore, do you look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint from the products you buy, the decisions you make and the companies you do business with?

You like to put your money where your mouth is…

So do we.

We have high expectations, just like our customers, which is why Aspire Property Management is committed to sustainability, moral and ethical business and consumption practices.

This is how we are making a difference to the Noosa community through sustainability:

Solar power buildings save our tenants money

Aspire manages three carbon neutral, solar powered commercial buildings in Noosa Heads, which produce a total of 125KW. Each site has embedded networks and we provide our 12 tenants with power at 15 cents a kWh.

Aspire CEO, Dave Langdon said the key driver for installing solar for the buildings was:

“Just ideological. I like the idea of being self-sufficient and creating a differentiation between us as a landlord to the tenant. We’ve got some tenants that are saving $3- 4,000 a year from us giving them 15 cents a kWh, which just seems ridiculous to have that opportunity.”

We are carbon neutral because on an annual basis the 125kW supplies all three buildings by roughly producing what everyone’s using.

Securing business continuity with back up batteries

By the end of next year, every building should have batteries to ensure business continuity if there’s a storm or power fault.

Each building will have two or three batteries which will act as surge protectors if the power goes down. Every tenant will be notified to indicate that the power is being run on the battery, so that they can shutdown anything non-critical.

The IT system is critical to our tenant’s business operations, therefore the entirety of each of our three buildings will be supported through a surge functionality through the battery.

Sustainability and savings through smart water metering

To embrace a sustainable future and to save our tenants money, we invest in new technologies to operate more effectively and environmentally.

FLOWD Smart Water Solutions is an application that came about from a shared vision to conserve water and solve problems arising from undetected water leaks.

All our buildings have been installed with FLOWD, so our tenants can feel secure that if there is a leak, it will be detected and resolved quickly. With direct access to water usage data and by enabling usage alerts to increase efficiency, conserve water, and reduce costs on an ongoing basis, FLOWD has saved tenants $1k to $1500k in water costs.

No nasty chemicals or toxins used in any property

Our housekeepers use Ha-Ra® microfibre products to clean every property. Requiring only water and not chemicals to achieve superior results – it’s better for you, our housekeepers and the environment.

These innovative cleaning cloths are environmentally friendly as they can be washed in the machine and used again and again. By not using chemical cleaning products in plastic bottles, we are reducing landfill waste and single use plastic.

Our guests can rest assured that the holiday homes we manage will be clean, healthy, and safe for everyone to enjoy.

A sustainable future makes sense

We are acting now to secure a sustainable future for Aspire, our tenants and property owners through environmental commitments and responsibilities to the Noosa community.

Therefore, we invest in the latest technology and align our values with our employees and the community to be progressive in how we operate.

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