Clean And Green With Ha-Ra

Would you be influenced in your choice of holiday accommodation if you knew that no nasty chemicals or toxins had been used to clean the property? And that the products that were being used were sustainable, all-natural and not harmful to you and your family’s health?

When choosing a holiday home to spend precious time with family and friends, this is very much so when it comes to the cleaning products that a company uses to clean their properties to the highest standards, often more than once a week.

In the past, it’s been usual to disinfect everything with chemicals. But actually most cleaning agents only kill bacteria and do not remove them altogether, allowing regrowth to happen.

Aspire Property Management has recognised this and has made the move to a natural, chemical-free cleaning solution, using microfibre cloth products that use only water. This simple method removes dirt and bacteria leaving behind a dry, clean surface that releases no harmful toxins into the property and leaves no chemical residue.

Originally founded in Germany, Ha-Ra® came to Australia over 25 years ago and has been a staple inclusion of many homes and businesses every since.

Designed to provide a better than professional clean in half the time, Ha-Ra® products are all-natural and are safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly, and guaranteed. They’re a sound investment for those who want to spend more time doing what they love and less time cleaning!

Many people think that the only way to remove germs is to use chemicals to disinfect surfaces. But what you might not know is that if you have a totally dry, clean surface the germs cannot grow. Much in the same way that humans need water to survive, so too bacteria cannot survive without water. In the humid Queensland environment, this growth results in mould that can damage your health if not treated.

The main benefits that Aspire were drawn to were:

|  Ha-Ra® microfibre products only require water and not chemicals to achieve superior results – better for you, our housekeepers and the environment.

|  The product range is sustainable and cost-effective over the long term – cleaning cloths can be washed in the machine and used again and again.

|  Mould and bacteria are removed without bleaching and do not re-grow – guests can have confidence that our properties are cleaner and healthier.

|  No cleaning product bottles or single-use cloths to go into landfill.

Our guests can rest assured that the property they choose will be clean, healthy, and safe for all of the family to enjoy. Furthermore, you are choosing to holiday with a company that supports other sustainable, like-minded providers.

For more information about the Ha-Ra cleaning system visit their website or contact us for a reference.