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Are you planning to holiday let your Noosa Property?

Did you know that Noosa Council has passed a new law for Short Term Accommodation which could affect you?

What exactly is the new law?

What does this mean for you?

What action do you need to take?

Aspire Property Management for Local Law Compliance


The new Noosa Local Law for Holiday Letting –

make sure you comply


Noosa Shire Council has passed a new Local Law for Short Term Accommodation (STA) that you need to know about if you are currently, or planning to, holiday let your property. Compliance with the local law will be essential to maintaining the right to operate STA.


View the full Noosa Short-Term Letting Local Law here. 

What does this mean to you and what do you need to do?


The STA law requires a detailed application process and adhesion thereafter to compliance with certain required operating standards.


This includes requiring guests to behave according to a Noosa Short-Term Letting / Accommodation Guest Code of Conduct.


Failure to comply can mean removal of the right to operate STA.


Aspire Property Management are specialist property managers, with expertise in managing properties in compliance with the Short Term Letting / Accommodation Local Law in Noosa

How we can help you become law compliant?


Aspire’s professional and licensed property management services will help you to comply with the key requirements of the Noosa Short-Term Letting / Accommodation Local Law. We ensure you comply with all requirements, including:



•   Signage
•   Contact person living within 20 kilometres of the property and on-call within 30 minutes
•   Complaints management
•   Guest Code of Conduct



Our services in relation to compliance with the Noosa Short-Term Letting / Accommodation Local Law are in relation to the Property Application Process, Property Compliance and Guest Code of Conduct.

What is the background of the law?


Noosa Shire Council approved a Local Law for Short Term Letting / Accommodation (Administration (Amendment) Subordinate Local Law (No. 1) 2021).


• Approved October 2021
• Effective February 2022
• One-off application process and fee
• Annual renewal process

What properties does the new Law affect?


In the definition of the law, short stay letting:


(a) means the provision, or making available, of premises for use by 1 or more persons, other than the owner of the premises, for less than 3 consecutive months; but


(b) does not include any of the following—

(i) shared facility accommodation;
(ii) home hosted accommodation;
(iii) accommodation in a hotel;
(iv) accommodation in a motel;
(v) backpacker accommodation.


Contact us if you are an owner of a holiday let property in Noosa and would like more information and or to discuss the Short Term Accommodation / Letting Local Law.

What action do you need to take?




Read more here in relation to the Noosa STA Local Law application process.



Read more here in relation to the Local Law operational compliance checklist.


Read more here in relation to the STA Local Law Guest Code of Conduct.

Please note


Aspire Property Management provides management services as licensed real estate professionals that comply with the requirements of the Noosa Short-Term Letting / Accommodation Local Law.

However, as there are circumstances outside of our control, such as guest behaviour, Aspire Property Management cannot be held responsible or liable for the consequences of any breaches of compliance that may occur at any property under our management.


Learn more about the STA law via the Noosa Council website here.